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I have done pencil drawings off and on pretty much all my life. When I was in third grade, my parents bought me a "how to draw horses" book, along with some pencils and drawing pads. Throughout adolescence, I went from drawing horses and various other animals to drawing people--usually people I invented entirely out of my imagination, such as the girl at the bottom of this page. Since moving to Dallas 10 years ago, my artwork has been primarily focused on repetitive pattern designs using colored and mechanical pencils. While the main purpose of this Art Gallery page is to showcase my most recent work, I have also included some earlier pattern designs from when I was first developing the technique, and a handful of other drawings from my youth and college years. If you would like to learn more about the designs, click here

.All images on this page are Copyright © Donna S. Duncan.

Click on a drawing to see a larger image with commentary.

Pattern designs:

Earlier designs:
The drawings in this section show how my pattern designs have evolved over time.

Other drawings:
The drawings in this section are from high school and college.